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Solving Problems With Innovation, Quality & Speed

JanTec prides itself on its flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs. We solve difficult material handling problems. As a result we have established a great track record in an astonishing variety of different industries.

Our catalogs feature standard turns and related products, but we are just as happy customizing standards with a few dimensional changes to provide just what a customer needs. There is no reason why all turns need to be a 90 or 180 degree unit. For instance, we made a 1-3/8 degree turn with a matching 181-3/8 degree turn to handle an architectural condition.

Responding to many customers’ requests for a turn with an inside radius of 0.0″ we developed a new drive (U.S. Patent 5,332,082) and created the Taco Turn. In applications where space is at a premium, the Taco Turn solves many problems. JanTec is the kind of company which welcomes your challenging conditions.

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